BookING now for fall 2017

When Dianne leads worship, it shrinks the space between God and man.
— Todd Clark, Teaching Pastor at Parkview Christian Church, Senior Leader at Slingshot Group
Dianne is talented, but more importantly has a heart to lead people in sincere worship of the one true God.
— Ben Gowell, Worship Director, Christ's Church of the Valley

my vibe...

Singing, while it’s an important part of what I do, is an overflow of the ministry I believe He has called me into. My call, my gifting, and my burden is to clear barriers between people and the Spirit, point people to the risen Christ, and create environments for an encounter with the Father. I hope to get an opportunity to meet you and to serve your church family off the stage as well.

I am currently booking for Fall 2017. I’m looking for churches to partner with for Weekend Services and/or a Night of Worship/Concert featuring my original worship music.

I come on an honorarium + travel expenses basis. Let me know how I can best serve you! Contact me via e-mail today!


ANY AND ALL questions and requests can be directed to

From the first moments Dianne began leading at Mission, we knew she was going to be a culture shaper. We’ve seen a significant shift in worship engagement as a result of her joining our team.
— Joel Thomas, Lead Pastor, Mission Community Church